My Bucket List

A year ago today, my husband proposed to me and this past July we tied the knot. Getting married had always been something I wanted to do ever since I was young. It was even on a bucket list I created back in middle school which I recently rediscovered in July when we were moving. I was able to cross off quite a few things from that list which was actually a pretty awesome feeling and I thought that I should update my list to see how many more goals I can accomplish over the next few years.

I love reading other people’s bucket lists and I find it so inspiring to see what they have accomplished. They are out there trying new things, learning about themselves, and having incredible experiences, which is a great way to approach life! I want to start approaching my life that way and see where it takes me.

I decided that I would add to my bucket list from middle school and share it with you all! Maybe this will inspire you to make your own bucket list and evaluate what your goals are!

Sydney’s Bucket List


Take a road trip across Canada

Go on a mission/volunteer trip abroad

Travel everywhere in Europe

Go to Disneyland (to keep the childhood dream alive!)

Travel to New Zealand

Visit Hawaii

Go to Las Vegas

Visit every continent

Snorkel with manatees in Florida

Go on vacation with my friends

Go camping at Algonquin

Go to Venice, Italy

Go ice-fishing with my husband

Ride a horse


Go to a spin class

Complete a 30 day fitness challenge (I’ve only ever made it halfway sadly)

Run 10k

Drink 2 Litres of water per day

Do a colour run

Become more flexible


Learn to play the guitar

Finish grade 12 piano (this may be a bit of a stretch considering I only made it to grade 6 before I quit lessons)

Sing karaoke

See the Foo Fighters in concert


Graduate from university

Graduate with at least a 10.0 GPA (my school measures up to a 12.0 GPA)

Get comfortable with class presentations

Earn a college certificate/ take a college class (or two) for fun

Learn French and/or Spanish


Do something I love for a living

Find a career that allows me to work with and help other people


Memorize a verse from each chapter of the Bible

Forgive and love more

Remember to pray before every meal (sometimes I forget)

Share God’s word with others as often as possible


Surprise my husband randomly with a gift

Go on a picnic with my husband (we have never done this)


Take a photography class

Take a cooking class

Learn how to drive a standard (stick-shift) car

Learn how to change a tire and other basic car maintenance skills

General Life Goals

Buy a car

Buy a house

Be someone’s maid of honour

Be a bridesmaid

Have a family of my own

Pay it forward as often as possible

Win something on a lottery/scratch ticket

Remember to send out birthday and Christmas cards to everyone in my family (my mom is excellent at this, she never forgets anyone)


I hope you enjoyed reading my bucket list! I’d love to know what you all have on your own bucket lists or if you are interested in making one. It’s a lot of fun to sit and think about the things you want to accomplish and I’m sure crossing these things off the list will feel amazing!



Note: I will update this post as I cross items off my list or think of other goals I have over time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Good luck with your list 🙂


    1. sydneyabbey says:

      Thank you!


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