Bible Study Sunday: Love, Seek and Trust the Lord

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I was thinking about what I wanted to write for today’s “Bible Study Sunday” post and I came across some notes I made a few months ago in church. That day, our priest Father David spoke about what it means to be a Christian and a true follower of Christ. He explained that the key to being a true follower is to look to God for all things and in all situations. We cannot pick and choose when to pay attention to God and his intentions for our lives; it must be a constant priority, even when we feel that things are not going the way we want them. God wants to have our full attention, trust, and love at all times. We must constantly follow the path God has laid out for us. We must strive to seek Him and His word each day for guidance so that we can become better people and better Christians.

This lesson really resonated with me that Sunday and it still does. I think I mentioned briefly in my last blog post that I have struggled with my walk of faith before and during that time, I hadn’t given God my full attention and trust. I would only go to church a couple of times a month, I wasn’t reading my bible as often as I used to, and I found myself distracted during prayer. My heart wasn’t as invested in my faith as much as it should have been. I wasn’t making God as much of a priority and it was definitely evident, especially when I was faced with negativity. It was extremely hard to seek God and handle unfavourable situations, which in turn, lead me to become bitter and negative in my views of many other situations, of others, and ultimately myself. I learned that by not seeking God for guidance during the tough times, I did not grow as a person. I was not the best person, friend, partner, or Christian I could be. I couldn’t comprehend what lessons the hard times held for me because I was not willing to fully trust God’s reasoning or show Him as much love as I should have because I was angry and confused.

Over the past year, I have learned to trust in and love God more and more. I am slowly regaining a strong relationship with Christ and I am so thankful for that. This started when I met my husband Danny. As a God-loving man, he often spoke to me about the strength and love of God and how no matter how angry or hurt we get in this life, if we turn to God and choose to love Him and seek Him with everything we have, we can then truly heal and become better for it. As Father David said, we become better people, better friends, better partners, and better Christians.

A great way to remember all of this is through the simple message found in Matthew 22:37….

“Love the Lord your God. With all your heart, all your soul, and with all your mind”


When we choose to love God with everything we have, it solidifies our trust and faith in Him. We become more grateful and loving not only of God, but of other people in our lives. Loving and trusting in God is an essential part of leading a Christian life and it can truly be life-changing.

We should rejoice in God and thank Him for the wonderful things he provides for us and show gratitude. Even when times are tough, instead of running away and ignoring God or feeling like He has neglected us, we should try to remember that there is a purpose for the hard times we face. We are meant to face them head on with God’s word as our guidance and His love as our refuge and we are ultimately made better for loving and trusting Him.

We must not be tempted to give our faith a second thought when we are struggling (which is something that I am still learning). In fact, times of struggle are where we should reach out to God and not only ask for help, but to even thank Him for his help on our faith walk and life’s journey and show Him love. It’s about choosing to react positively to unfavourable circumstances and relish in God’s plans, as he never puts us through more than what he believes we can handle. If we treat everything as a lesson and trust in and love God completely, we will not be easily lead astray. We can then truly walk by our faith.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Remember that our path with God is a step-by-step process with new lessons for us to learn each day. All we need to do is be gracious, loving, and accepting of God’s plans for us.

Love in Christ,



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