Blogmas: Days 1 & 2

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that I missed the first day of Blogmas (What a way to start huh? Haha)! I was trying to upload the post for a while last night but the internet in our apartment was down so I had to wait to get to campus today to post!

Just to note, I’ve also decided to use Kenzie’s “December Writing Prompts” from Hello Neverland for this blogging challenge as well as Clarina’s Blogmas ideas as I mentioned in my last post. I’ll just be interchanging ideas from both sources because I think that they both have great topics to choose from!

Without further ado, here are the first two days of Blogmas! I hope you enjoy!

Day 1: Holiday Bucket List (Clarina’s blog post)

There are always so many things that I want to do over the holidays! I often forget how busy life gets at this time of year and there are always a few things that I don’t get to do or make the time for. This year, I made a short list of things I wanted to make sure I get to do this Christmas!

1.) Donate to the Food Bank/Tree of Hope/Homeless shelters

2.) Learn 4 Christmas songs on the piano (It’s been a long time since I last played so I hope this will go well)

3.) Decorate a gingerbread house

4.) Make treats for neighbours

5.) Bake three kinds of Christmas cookies (I think this will be easily achieved since I love baking)

6.) Walk around the neighbourhood to look at the lights and decorations

7.) Send Christmas cards to friends and family

8.) Have a Christmas movie night with Danny

9.) Decorate a Christmas tree

10.) 4+ random acts of kindness

11.) Go caroling

12.) Go to Christmas Eve mass

13.) Go skating

14.) Make homemade peppermint hot chocolate

I hope you enjoyed reading my bucket list! Do any of you have a Christmas bucket list this year? What are some things that you would like to do this holiday season?

Day 2: Is there anything putting a damper on your Holiday spirit? (Kenzie’s blog post)

I have always loved the holiday season! Christmas has been my favourite holiday all my life and that definitely has not changed. I don’t really get into the full holiday spirit until my classes/exams are over (which is thankfully next week) but I always get excited right at the start of November that the holiday season is approaching! I have most of my Christmas shopping done already and last night Danny and I put up our tree so I have already been feeling the holiday spirit.

I guess the short answer to the question is no, as of right now, nothing is putting a damper on my holiday spirit!

One thing I will mention however, is that this is the first Christmas that I’m not spending at home with my parents and sister, as they are going away over the Christmas break this year. However, that does allow me to spend lots of time with Danny and his family so that is really wonderful! I’m excited to start some new Christmas traditions with Danny this year, since it will be our first Christmas as a married couple in our own home! I am looking forward to this Christmas as much as any year in the past, but I will admit that I will miss spending time with my parents and sister.

I have to cut this short unfortunately since my class starts in 15 minutes (I totally lost track of time), but I hope you have enjoyed my first (and technically second) post for Blogmas!

Have you all been getting into the holiday spirit yet? What are some things you are looking forward to this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Friday!


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