Blogmas Day 3

Hello everyone!

I know, I missed another day of Blogmas! Apparently I’m really bad at doing daily posting challenges…I’m sorry. I was running errands and studying almost all day yesterday and then went straight to work. After my shift, Danny and I went to see a movie and by the time we got home, it was 1:00 am and I was so tired that I basically fell asleep as soon as we got home, haha!

Anyway, I will be posting both day three and day four today so be sure to check both posts out! I will definitely try to post daily from now on so I don’t bombard you all with so many posts in one day!

Day 3: Gifts on a Budget/DIY Christmas Gifts (from Clarina’s blog post)

I know that it’s still early for some people to think about buying their Christmas gifts, but I am one of those people who like to try to get their shopping done early…the phrase “the sooner the better” definitely applies to me and getting my Christmas gifts ready!

This time of year can get expensive and I think it’s important to stick to a budget as much as possible, especially being a student myself. A lower budget doesn’t have to mean that you can’t give awesome gifts! Here are 5 gift ideas that are thoughtful and creative, but won’t break the bank!

I have come across these ideas on Pinterest and other websites over the years and I thought I would share some of the ones that I thought would make for unique, budget-friendly gifts!

1.) Homemade Sugar Scrub or Bath Salts: I received homemade bath salts from a good friend last year and I loved them! They smelled amazing and I thought that it was a really creative gift! You can customize the scent and colour of your sugar scrub or bath salts for each person you make them for and put them in cute, inexpensive containers! Tie a bow around the top, add a cute label and viola!

Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe by Liz Fourez from Love Grows Wild 

Gingerbread Bath Salt Recipe by Heidi from Life With Heidi

2.) Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix: Who doesn’t love sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter day? I know I do! Why not make some homemade hot chocolate mix to give out this Christmas? I’ve done this before and it is really simple and not too expensive to make (you probably have at least one or two of the ingredients at home already)! I will link of my favourite recipes below so you can try it too!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar by Amy at The Idea Room 

3.) DIY Gift Baskets: Gift baskets are simple and pretty inexpensive to put together! They are super customizable and you can choose to stick with a themed basket or just include miscellaneous items that the person would enjoy in the baskets. It allows you to give someone a lot of little things all at once for the same price as one big gift! I actually decided to use this idea for gifts this year and I think they turned out really well!

These pages have some really good ideas for gift baskets:



The Dating Divas

Dreaming in DIY

4.) Baked Goods: Who can resist all of those Christmas treats? Make up a batch (or two, or three) of your favourite holiday recipes and give them out to your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers! I’m sure they’ll appreciate the delicious goodies!

5.) Ornaments: Small and simple can be the best way to go sometimes! Some ornaments are expensive, but you can get some really cute ones for decent prices or you can take the creative route and make your own!

Here are a couple of pages with ideas for homemade ornaments: 

75 Ways to Fill Clear Glass Ornaments from Refunk My Junk

31 Homemade Christmas Ornaments from The Kim Six Fix

These are just a few budget-friendly ideas I really liked and have considered doing for Christmas gifts before, but there are obviously many more things you could do! Just get creative and know your spending limit!

I hope you all enjoyed this (super late) Blogmas post! What are some of your ideas for low-budget Christmas gifts? Do you prefer buying gifts or making them?

Thanks for reading!


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