Blogmas Days 6-8: Christmas traditions and my Christmas wish list!

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all been well for over the past few days! I have been very busy with the last couple days of class and with work so that’s why I have missed a couple of posts. Also, we are still having problems with our internet so when I tried to post days 6-8 of Blogmas, I wasn’t able to. But it is (finally) working now and here we are!

I am going to combine all three days into one large post so here we go! I hope you all enjoy!

Over the years, my family has developed quite a few Christmas traditions. We would always put our tree up before December 3rd and we’d watch all three of the Santa Claus movies while we decorated it. We always made three (sometimes four or five) kinds of cookies and my sister and I were in charge of decorating them (and taste testing of course). On Christmas Eve, we would spend time with my dad’s side of the family and have a big dinner with them. We would always watch the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” before my Oma and Opa served dessert. After being with my dad’s family, we would go back home and my parents would put on “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I never really appreciated that movie until I got older and now it is (still) one of my favourite traditions….Christmas Eve isn’t the same without watching that film. Christmas Day was always spent with my mom’s side of the family either at our house or at my grandparent’s house. We’d go to church in the morning with my grandma and grandpa and then we’d all go together to Christmas dinner.

The past two Christmases have been very different from all of the other Christmases I’ve experienced before. Two Christmases ago was my first Christmas with Danny and we had to try and split our time as evenly as possible with both of our families. That was my first Christmas ever with a significant other and it was really interesting to see what his family Christmas traditions were. I’m thankful that we now have a lifetime of family Christmases to experience together and I’m so excited to start some traditions of our own as a couple and when we have our own children.

One tradition that my family stuck to for quite a while was making wish lists for gifts. This stopped being a priority as my sister and I got older. We found that we didn’t need to write lists because we really didn’t need anything as the years went by. My mom used to make us sit down and write a list for Santa and for my family and it was usually pretty long (I feel that is pretty normal for most kids). She’d also ask us to write down what we’d like to give to other people as well, which is just as important to think about.

I thought it would be interesting to recreate that as an adult so, I am going to write my grown-up wish list for Christmas this year, both giving and recieving!

Christmas Wishlist

1.) Bus tickets; Since Danny and I share a vehicle, it can get a little bit difficult to arrange transportation. One of us has to either find a ride with someone or take the bus, so it would actually be really awesome to receive bus tickets as a gift this year!

2.) Socks; I am always losing socks or finding holes in them and who can really have too many pairs of socks right?

3.) Baking supplies; I love baking and I love sharing what I bake with others so I’m pretty sure this is reasonable, haha!

4.) Vinyl albums; These can get expensive, but my husband and I want to expand our collection and some stores have older records or original copies and if you look hard enough, you can find some really great albums! This would be perfect for music addicts like my husband and I, haha!

5.) Bible journal; I love the bible I have now and I have a journal that I use when I do my readings, but I’m slowly running out of room in that journal and the pages in the bible I have no are so delicate that I’m afraid to make notes in it. I have come across bible journaling ideas on Pinterest quite a few times and a lot of them feature a bible with lines in the margins for writing notes and I thought that it was a great idea!

Giving List

1.) Baked goods; This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the item on my receiving wish list, but like I said, I love baking for other people and I’m pretty confident that it would be hard to say no to yummy holiday treats, right?

2.) Donations of any kind; It’s important to help others in need at all times, but it becomes more of a focus for many people at this time of year. My mom has always emphasized this when I was growing up and I have really come to appreciate the spirit of giving. I have made care packages for the homeless and participated in the Adopt-a-Family program for the holidays in the past and I’d like to try and do something similar this year. Kindness is always a good gift to give and receive and I’m making it my goal to spread as much of it as I possibly can during this season and at all times.

3.) Stockings or gift baskets; I talked about this in my post for day 4 of Blogmas, but I love making gift baskets or stockings as gifts. That way, the person I give it to gets a lot of little things to use and try out and they are really easy to personalize!

4.) Christmas cards; I have never been good at remembering to include cards with gifts and that is something that I want to improve on! My mom and grandma are excellent at remembering to send cards and they always send Christmas cards to family and friends. I want to try and do this starting this year since it’s always nice to get mail! I’m actually about to go write some cards to send out next week once I’m finished writing this, so here’s to another new (new for me) Christmas tradition!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience with Christmas traditions and my Christmas wish lists for giving and receiving! What are some traditions that you and your family have for the holidays? Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to receive this year? What are gifts that you are excited to give? Do you donate to charities this time of year? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Thanks for reading!


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