Blogmas Days 9 & 10: Top 10 moments of the past week and funny Christmas memories

Hello all!

I know, I know….I missed another day of Blogmas. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon doing things around the apartment before heading to work for the night. I had a very productive and fun day but I totally forgot to write a post for Blogmas, and here we are once again with a combined post (I swear I really will try to get better at this). I hope that you enjoy!

Day 9: Top 10 Moments of the Past Week (Kenzie’s December Prompts Post)

1.) I was able to visit with one of my good friends and her boyfriend on Sunday this past week. They came over to our apartment for dinner and it was really nice to catch up with them! We played a game after having some really delicious desert and had lots of laughs together. It was a blast!

2.) Danny and I went out to dinner with our friends who live in the building next to ours and we had a great time with them! They are really awesome people and we always have a great time with them! We went to The Bent Elbow, which is actually my parents’ restaurant and had some really yummy food and drinks and just caught up with each other. We had many laughs on the drive back to our town (my parents’ restaurant is about 35 minutes away from where we live) and talked about our plans for Christmas and arranged a friend Christmas dinner with them! We try to get together with them at least once every couple of weeks and it’s always fun!

3.) I had another training shift at my new job on Tuesday and I got to work with the same woman I worked with my very first shift which was really awesome. She’s a very sweet person and has been helping me with some tips for serving at a more upscale restaurant which has been really helpful. My managers (who are also friends of Danny and I that I mentioned above) are some of the nicest people I have ever met and they have been really helpful the past couple of shifts. I can’t wait to become familiar with everything and really get in the swing of things!

4.) I was able to see two of my other very close friends from school on Wednesday to exchange Christmas gifts and visit with them before exams started. They are both such kind, funny, and genuine people and I always have a great time visiting with them! I’m so grateful for their friendship!

5.) I finished my last day of classes and last in-class exam on Wednesday so I am officially finished the semester! For those of you who are writing exams now, you can do it! Just remember to take breaks when you need them, focus, and try not to stress out too much (although I know that it is sometimes difficult. Go kill ’em guys, you’ll be great!

6.) Danny and I put up the Christmas tree and decorated it after a few struggles with it, one of them being particularly hilarious and scary at the same time (I’ll explain in the second part of this blog post)! We had previously put one up (I believe I mentioned it in one of the earlier Blogmas posts) but it was quite small so we decided to borrow a bigger tree from my parents. Danny loves everything about Christmas, and one of his favourite things to do is decorate the tree, so he was a big help with this!

7.) Thursday was a busy day! I went to an early birthday lunch with my Oma and Opa which was really great! After that, I got my hair cut and spent some time with my mom and sister before heading back home after my hair appointment. I picked Danny up from work and we went to his mom’s house to have dinner with her and Danny’s grandma. After dinner, we helped Danny’s mom decorate her Christmas tree and the rest of her house. I also found out that I got a B on my statistics final which I was really happy about since Stats was my worst class this semester. All in all, it was a great day!

8.) Thursday night it snowed quite a bit and Danny and I sat and watched it fall from the living room window, drank hot chocolate, and talked for a little while before bed. I love sharing simple moments like that with him!

9.) Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I received many kind birthday wishes from friends and family which I am very thankful for! I spent the day cleaning the apartment, putting a few more Christmas decorations up, and reading before I had to leave for my shift at the Elbow. I saw a lot of regular customers that wished me a happy birthday as well which was really nice. It was a really fun shift (as usual) and my Aunt and her husband were kind enough to buy me a drink when my shift was over. I know it doesn’t sound like a super exciting birthday, but I had a productive, relaxing, and fun day! I was able to spend it with really wonderful people who I love and care about! What more could you ask for?

10.) Today my mom let me have the night off work so I could spend some time with Danny for my birthday since we didn’t really get a chance to do so yesterday. She waited tables instead and I was really grateful that she did that for me. Danny and I woke up a bit later than usual (9:30 or so) but it was nice to sleep in a little! We had breakfast and hung out in the apartment for a little while and then we went out to get some lunch, finish up the last of our Christmas shopping, and visit with his mom and grandma. After a busy afternoon running around town, we came home and had dinner and watched a couple of movies that we had rented while wrapping our Christmas gifts. We had a relaxing night in which was really nice.

Overall, this week was pretty busy but really wonderful! I loved writing this as it helped me reflect on all of the positive things about this past week and just reflect on how grateful I am for the things in my life in general. What were some of the highlights from your week? I’d love to know!

Day 10: Funny Christmas Memories 

Over the years, I have experience quite a few funny moments during the holiday season. I remember my dad reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to my sister and I when we were little in the best grinch voice he could. That always made us laugh, especially when he got really into it with different voices and hand gestures. There was another year where my grandma and my aunt had split a bottle of wine and were pretty giddy afterwards so to speak. Once we were finished opening gifts, my grandma decided to sing and dance along with the Christmas music and she ended up doing the splits when the song was over. We all laughed hysterically because she was too busy laughing and having fun to realize what had just happened. If you ask her about that story now, she always says that she never remembers that happening but we all know that she knows it’s true. Another year, my family and I went to Florida for Christmas and on Christmas morning, my sister and my cousins wanted to swim, so I was in charge of cleaning the pool while the adults made breakfast. I was almost finished when I tripped over the pool cover and fell into the water, pjs, slippers, and all. It was a pretty funny moment for everyone and it makes for a funny Christmas memory.

This year, Danny and I have our own funny Christmas incident to talk about over the years. We picked up a Christmas tree from my parents’ house this past week and we had a few minor hiccups with it, but it is finally up and completely decorated. We had trouble with the base when we were setting the tree up. We spent a good 20 minutes trying to put the base together before we realized how simple it actually was (isn’t that the way it always goes?) and we felt pretty silly after this discovery. The assembly of the tree was simple but the untangling of the lights definitely wasn’t. After undoing the giant knot that was our tree lights, we strung them around the tree and put the ornaments on. The funniest and scariest part of putting up the tree was actually the unboxing of the tree, despite the seemingly complicated base assembly and the endless tangle of lights. When we opened the box, our cat started attacking the box and meowing at it. We couldn’t figure out why until a giant wasp flew out of the box. Danny is afraid of wasps so he screamed (yes, he screamed) and ran into the kitchen telling me to kill it. We were both kind of freaking out and confused as to how it would have still be alive since the tree had been left in my parents’ shed. The wasp flew into our lamp in the corner of our living room and I was standing on the top of the couch with a fly swatter in my hand. Danny came into the living room with a hat, huge sweater, and dish gloves on ready to attempt to kill the wasp. We tried to coax the wasp out of the lamp but it wasn’t working. We stood there looking like complete idiots for about 10 minutes before Danny grabbed Windex and sprayed the inside of the lamp. We heard the wasp start to buzz and Danny threw the Windex at me and ran into the kitchen. I sprayed a few more times and the buzzing stopped. Danny then took the lamp and put it on the balcony and slammed the door shut. We just looked at each other and laughed at how stupid the whole thing was. We definitely overreacted in that situation, but at least it makes for a good Christmas story!

What are some of your funniest or best holiday memories?

Have a great weekend everyone!



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