Blogmas Day 11: Favourite Winter Drinks

Colder weather calls for delicious warm drinks. After a cold winter day, a mug of your favourite hot beverage is sure to lift your spirits (I can definitely say that it lifts mine).

I feel like this will be pretty obvious, but I love sipping on hot chocolate in the winter! Lately, I’ve been drinking hot chocolate almost every day which is definitely not healthy but it is delicious. I love peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas time in particular (I’ll link my favourite recipe below) but plain hot chocolate is equally delicious. Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day?

I am a sucker for coffee. I usually drink my coffee black, but I do enjoy lattes from time to time. A warm cup of coffee on a cold morning (or any morning) is always wonderful.

I also really enjoy tea. I love all kinds of tea, from fruity teas, to spiced teas, to green tea or white teas, to black teas. I just love tea! I’ve been an earl grey kick lately so I guess right now that is my favourite kind.

I feel like those are pretty standard answers haha, so I hope that wasn’t too boring for you all!

What are your favourite winter drinks?

Thanks for reading,


Prompt from Clarina’s Blogmas Ideas post

Favourite Hot Chocolate Recipe: Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar by Amy at The Idea Room

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