Blogmas Day 12: What gift did you want as a kid that you never recieved?

This has been a bit difficult for me to answer because from what I can recall, I received most of the things that I asked for at Christmas as a child (I know that sounds totally spoiled of me but that isn’t my intention, I promise). I was always pretty happy and grateful for what I received, although, I’m sure there were times when I wasn’t super impressed with some gifts (but looking back now, I should have been just as grateful for the things I received that I hadn’t really asked for or hadn’t thought of to ask for)…that’s normal for most kids right? So yes I’m sure that there were some things that I wanted but didn’t receive, but I can’t seem to remember many of them.

The only thing that I do really remember was when I was 8 or 9 years old. I wanted a guitar for Christmas that year so badly. My great-uncle leant me his old guitar to practice on before I got my own one day (so basically he gave it to me) but I wanted a brand new one. I think it’s because I watched Freaky Friday too many times at that point and I thought Lindsay Lohan looked pretty cool with her guitar so naturally, I wanted one so I could look cool (haha, that seems so silly to me now). Now, that’s not to say that the movie was the only reason why I wanted the guitar. I have loved music and wanted to play instruments for as long as I can remember. I even have baby pictures of me sitting at the piano with my mom, and eventually on my own. I used to perform songs and dance along to music for my family when we would get together, I loved singing and making up rhymes, and I loved to tinker with instruments. I just wanted to play something and with the help of Freaky Friday and many of the artists I listened to at that time, I had my heart set on a guitar.

I remember going to bed that Christmas Eve night hoping to wake up and find a guitar under the tree. When I woke up the next morning, I did not see a guitar under the tree. I remember feeling disappointed for a few minutes, until my mom pointed to the corner of the room where a piano was sitting with a big red bow on it. I immediately forgot about how much I had wanted a guitar and screamed with joy, hugged my parents, and ran right over to the piano. They had set it up the night before so I opened the lid, pressed the on button, and played away. I was so excited. My mother also informed me that she and my dad had signed me up for piano lessons to start after the Christmas break. I have been playing (almost regularly) ever since.

I still have the piano today, but on the down side, it has been sitting in my living room unplayed for over 4 months, and prior to that, almost a whole year after I had to stop lessons. I started to play a little bit again at the beginning of this past summer, but once I got married and moved and eventually when school started, things got pretty hectic and I just sort of neglected it. I hope to get back into playing regularly, since it is something I have always loved to do and playing music has actually helped me through quite a lot growing up. I was, am, and will be forever grateful for that gift from my parents, even though it wasn’t what I had initially wanted.

That is the one thing that sticks out in my mind of when I didn’t receive a gift that I really wanted. However, the alternative ended up being significantly better for me, and I appreciate it much more now as I’ve gotten older and progressed through lessons and learning to play.

What is something that you remember wanting as a child but didn’t receive? Did the other gifts end up being better than what you had asked for? How do you feel about it now being older?

Thanks for reading everyone!





Prompt idea from Kenzie’s December Writing Prompts post on Hello Neverland

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