Blogmas Day 13: How are you counting down for Christmas?

Growing up, my parents always bought my sister and I advent calendars that would help us count down the days until Christmas (who doesn’t love getting to eat yummy chocolate every morning?) and my mom would cross off the days as they went by on the calendar. When our parents would put us to bed, they’d remind how many sleeps were left until Christmas Day. My dad would also read us different Christmas stories until the day came and we’d watch a different Christmas movie each night.

This year, I have been writing in my planner the number of days left and have circled and highlighted Christmas Day on my calendar. Danny and I both have advent calendars (courtesy of his mom) that we also use to count down to Christmas! Participating in this Blogmas challenge has also helped me count the days (despite missing a few posts here and there…oops)! I love getting to write something new each day about the holiday season and it makes me even more excited for Christmas to come!

I feel like those examples are pretty standard so I hope I didn’t bore anyone too much! Danny and I have agreed to be a bit more creative for our Christmas count down next year!

How are you all counting down to Christmas this year? Do you have an advent calendar, or an advent candle that you use? Do you check the days off on your calendar or in your planner? Do you have a count down going on your phone? I’d love to hear what ideas you all have for counting down to Christmas!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Tuesday!

Thanks for reading,




Prompt idea from Clarina’s 50 Most Popular Blogmas Post Ideas 

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