Top Ten Tuesday: Songs From My Current Playlist

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day!

For this week’s top ten Tuesday/The 52 Lists Project prompt, I will be listing my top ten most played songs from my winter playlist. The journal prompt says to “list the soundtrack of your life right now”, which happens to be my winter playlist. I made a post about my fall playlist back in October, but never got around to writing about my winter playlist…until now!

Similar to my fall playlist, this list is full of slow, dreamy songs that accompany the cold air, grey skies, and falling snow (when it was still snowing anyway). Snuggle into your blankets with some hot chocolate, tea, or any warm beverage you prefer and take a listen to these lovely tracks. Hopefully they help you feel relaxed and cozy on a cold winter’s night!

1.) Grey Room– Damien Rice

2.) Give Me Love– Ed Sheeran

3.) Between the Bars– Elliot Smith

4.) Tell Me a Story– Phillip Phillips

5.) Dust to Dust– The Civil Wars

6.) Kiss Me– Ed Sheeran

7.) Begin Again– Taylor Swift

8.) Lullaby– The Spill Canvas

9.) Give Up the Ghost – Rosi Golan featuring Johnny McDaid

10.) Thistle and Weeds – Mumford and Sons

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! What is the soundtrack of your life right now? Do you have any favourite songs for the winter months, or even a whole playlist? I’d love to know!



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