Thankful Thursday: Weeks 11, 12, and 13 of the Gratitude Challenge

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry I missed the last few weeks for the gratitude challenge, but I will catch up today and combine weeks 11, 12, and 13 in one post! I realize that this week is technically week 14, but the internet in our apartment hasn’t been working very well and I wasn’t able to post this until today. With that said, I will make sure to post week 14 this coming Thursday and we should be back on track for regular posts every Thursday for the remainder of the gratitude challenge!

Week 11: Someone who inspires you

I’ve thought long and hard about this prompt this week and for some reason, I’ve had a hard time deciding on one person to write about. There are many people who I have come across in my life so far that inspire me, and all of them in different ways, so I’m going to talk about a few people in this post.

Many of my friends inspire me every day. One of my friends works (almost) full-time and goes to school full time and she is able to work hard and succeed in both aspects, and I admire her work ethic! Another friend was brave enough to dig deep and realize that she needed to change her study/career path. She’s making it work and I can tell how much happier she is with her new focus in her studies, which is awesome! One of my school friends has obtained an impressive position in our student council and clubs and associations, and I am so happy to see her succeed! She is always on the go but never has any complaints! She is so happy and bubbly and full of energy despite how much she has on her plate! Another friend decided to commit to an entire lifestyle change and she now feels that with this change, she has realized what she wants to do with her life…the path has become so clear for her and I admire her patience in the process to come to that realization. I admire each of these girls, and all of my other friends who are working hard in school, in their careers, and in their lives in general! I’m so lucky to have friends that inspire me daily and I’m thankful for their friendship!

My family members inspire me in many ways as well. My mom’s dedication to be fitter and healthier inspires me to work towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle. She works hard at the gym and I am so proud of her for it! My dad is a pretty relaxed person and does not get stressed out easily. He always stays positive and that inspires me to think positively more often. My husband inspires me with his dedication to his faith, as does my grandmother. They are both learning and growing in their faith and they are so open about everything they feel and think and they love to discuss their faith, especially with me which I love! They inspire me to continue on my faith walk and to strengthen my relationship with Christ every day.

Many people in my life inspire me and I am so thankful for each individual and how they have impacted my life!

Week 12: My Favourite Personality Trait

This was a difficult prompt for me, as there are many personality traits that I relate to and love about many other people.

I think compassion is probably the trait I would call my favourite. I find that I am drawn to people who are empathetic, kind, make an attempt to understand, and willing to help others. There are many people in my life who are compassionate individuals and I am grateful for that. I try to be kind and compassionate towards others as often as I can, and I aspire to be a kind person each and every day. Compassion is an important trait to me and that’s why it is one of my favourite traits.

Week 13: A Challenge You’ve Overcome

Before I begin, I would just like to say that this isn’t necessarily a huge challenge that I have overcome, but it’s definitely something I wanted to challenge myself to do after avoiding it for so long.

I have never been a gym-goer and there are a lot of reasons why I avoided going…I like working out on my own, but I would feel intimidated to go to the gym on my own. I worried that people would stare at me weirdly as I attempted to get through a workout, when in reality I know that everyone is focused on their own workouts and are not paying attention to what I’m doing. I convinced myself that I wouldn’t know what to do or how to navigate around a room full of machines and free weight stations all over the place (I thought I’d feel way too overwhelmed)…I used every excuse in the book to not sign up for a membership. I will say however, that I had access to free weights and a cardio machine at home most of the time so it seemed unnecessary to have a gym membership for a while. Now, I live in an apartment on the second floor, so working out and being quiet (at least for me) is not so easy.

After another few months of going back and forth in my head about joining or not joining the gym, I took the plunge and ventured to the gym closest to my apartment and signed up. I kind of did it impulsively and I didn’t have a set plan but I walked in, made an appointment to finalize my membership, and the next day I walked out being an official gym member. I am happy with my decision and I wonder why I avoided the gym for so long in the first place. I’ve only been a couple of times so far, but I already enjoy going and I’m excited to continue on my new fitness journey and to continue to push myself to go often and not be worried or afraid. Fear is a funny thing and it can stop you from doing so many things, even things that really aren’t scary at all (like joining the gym).

I have overcome the challenge I faced with my fear of becoming a gym member and now, I’m hoping to keep pushing myself to do more things that once scared me. Here’s to more challenges to face, push through, and conquer!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of this challenge so far and if you plan on doing this challenge or something similar, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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