Thankful Thursday: A talent I have and looking forward to spring!

Hello everyone!

Today’s 52 Week Gratitude Challenge post will be combined once again since I completely forgot to post last week! I had it all ready to go and I just never posted it, so here we are with two weeks in one post!

Week 14: A Talent You Have

I’ve talked about this in a few blog posts before, but one of the talents that I have is that I am able to play the piano. I have been playing since I was in the fifth grade (although it’s been far less consistent over the past few years) and I feel that I have some talent in playing. I have been able to teach myself new songs by ear and by reading sheet music. I enjoy playing and I want to get back into serious practice so I can continue to make progress in reading more complicated sheet music and in my playing skills.

What are some talents that you have? I’d love to know!

Week 15: Things You Like About Spring

It’s definitely not spring yet (although apparently it’s supposed to be an early spring this year according to the groundhog) but I am really looking forward to nicer weather and no more snow. I do enjoy the winter months to a degree, but I’m ready for a change of season soon.

I love that it stays lighter outside longer in the spring. Longer days with bright sun make me happy and it’s always a welcome change after the cold, dark winter months. I like seeing trees and flowers grow their buds and bloom. I love the crisp and clean smell of the air in spring. I love that spring symbolizes new beginnings as everything regrows and changes. I love seeing flowers in the springtime. My grandma has a beautiful garden during the spring months and I remember always looking forward to watching the flowers grow and bloom as a little girl. I like that there is no need for heavy clothes or boots once the snow completely goes away.

What are some of the things that you all love about spring? Are you looking forward to the end of winter?

I hope you enjoyed today’s Thankful Thursday/Gratitude Challenge post and that you all have a fantastic day!



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