March Blogging Challenge, Day 3: What do you never want to forget about yourself/your life right now?

As you all know by now, I love making lists so, I have decided to use this prompt as a list-making opportunity. Here are a few of the things that I want to remember about my life right at this moment.

 Things to Remember About Your Life Right Now:

1.) You are healthy and alive: ALWAYS be grateful for that

2.) Being in the early stages of marriage: Learning and growing each day with Danny is such a blessing and the excitement for the future is high

3.) Living in a new city has come with some adjustments and challenges, but the experience has been good overall

4.) Starting a job at a new restaurant and having a different experience as a server

5.) Meeting a few new friends in town: Be grateful for their friendship and support

6.) Taking time to work on improving your mental health: This will be important to remember all of your life, so focus on what you are doing now to take care of yourself so you can apply the same tactics later on when you need them again

7.) Your educational career: Remember the lessons you have learned so far, inside and outside of the lecture hall

8.) Your friends and family members: Always remember how they have made you feel and how they have built you up and be thankful for that

9.) Your dreams and goals: Reflect on them often and use them to propel you through any situation you face in the future…never forget what you are striving for

I decided to use this prompt to serve as a reflective piece for myself to look back on, but I hope that you enjoyed reading it!

What are the things that you want to remember about your life at this moment? What do you feel is most important for you to remember for years to come?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Happy Friday!!

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