Thankful Thursday: 52 Week Gratitude Challenge, Weeks 16-20

Hello everyone!

Long time no post! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately, especially for this challenge (it’s been 5 weeks since my last post for Thankful Thursday, how crazy is that?)!

I have been super busy with work and I have just been going through a few personal things but I’m feeling better and ready once again to get back on track with blogging.

This week’s Gratitude Challenge post will be a combined post again covering weeks 16 to 20.

I hope you all enjoy!

Week 16: Simple Things You Appreciate about Life

The simplest things in life are definitely some of the things that make me happiest, which I’m sure is true for many people. Sometimes life’s simple pleasures make for the best experiences, and we often take them for granted.

Here is a small list of simple things in my life that I truly am grateful for…

1.) Fresh fruit

2.) Watching sunrises/sunsets

3.) Cooking dinner with Danny

4.) Fresh coffee

5.) The smell of rain

6.) Going for walks

7.) The smell of cookies baking

8.) The sound of your significant other laughing

What are some of the simple things in life that you are most grateful for?

Week 17: Something You Take for Granted

While I’d like to think that I don’t often take things for granted, I know that I definitely do. As much as I try not to, it’s very easy to fall into that pattern. It’s about being conscientious and mindful about appreciation (which is the point of this whole challenge) which I am decent at most times, but I definitely have taken things for granted before and I’m sure that I am not alone.

One thing that I noticed recently that I have been taking for granted lately is being able to have a good supply of healthy food. Commuting to school twice a week and working keeps me busy, and I find that I am just not making time to eat at home, pack a lunch, or just simply eat at all. I know that it only takes about 20 minutes to cook something quickly, or an extra 5 minutes to pack a lunch before heading out the door, but lately I have been rushing myself and not taking the time to do those things. With that said, I have noticed that some of the food I have been buying has gone bad over the course of a week or so that I have neglected to eat what is in my fridge, and as a result, the food is wasted.

I have always hated wasting food and I used to be much more mindful of not wasting as much food. I would always try to make sure that I ate almost everything that I bought before it expired, or only bought food that I knew 100% I would eat for the week to avoid any possible waste.

Lately, however, I have not been so mindful of that and I know that food waste and consumption is an issue in North American society. I have been taking my ability to afford good, wholesome food for granted by not making time to eat it.

With that said, I am challenging myself to not waste anymore food this week, and to be more mindful of food waste in the future.

What is something that you have been taking for granted lately? How do you plan on addressing the issue? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Week 18: The Weather

We had some very nice weather a few weeks ago (around the time this was supposed to be published) with lots of sunshine and warm air…it turned back into winter recently, but the sun is shining today so there’s really nothing to complain about. The weather the whole of winter has been very decent. This winter has been good to us in Ontario. It wasn’t an overly harsh winter in terms of the amount of snow or even in terms of temperature overall. I’m grateful for that since I commute to Brantford from Stratford twice a week. I am grateful for the sunshine today. It makes the cold and the wind a bit more bearable. I left for school right after I dropped Danny off at work this morning and I got to watch the sunrise on my drive, which was great. I love early morning commutes for that reason.

Overall, I am very grateful for the weather we have been having recently and I am looking forward to the change in season and spring weather in the next month or so.

Week 19: Health

I have been trying to take steps to living a healthier lifestyle over the past few months now, but I have found and it has been hard for me to find motivation lately. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work, school, and some personal issues that have taken priority over getting to the gym and eating super healthy each day. I have also been getting over some sickness so exercise hasn’t been at the forefront of my daily activities.

I am starting to feel better now and I feel that I am ready to get back on track with my exercise and eating habits. I have decided to go vegetarian for Lent this year and that has been going pretty well. I am enjoying the experience so far and I find that I am not really missing meat at all. I may even consider continuing to follow a vegetarian lifestyle beyond Lent.

I am excited to continue on my fitness/health journey and to maintain the progress I make. I am also praying for the patience and grace to love the process and to remember that it is a lifestyle rather than a quick fix, which is a mistake I have made too many times in the past. Here’s to living a healthier life!

Week 20: A Friend

I have mentioned this in a previous post about a friend and friendships that I am extremely grateful for each one of my friends. They all bring unique experiences and perspectives to my life and I am better for their presence in my life. All of my friends are truly wonderful people and I do not know where I would be without them!

With that said, I will focus I am very grateful for my family friends who I have yet to write about. My sister and I have grown up with them and we have been close our whole lives. My parents have been friends with their parents for years so naturally, my sister and I have been close with their kids since birth. They are two of the most supportive, kind, and generous people I have the pleasure of knowing. We’ve been to countless of birthday celebrations, New Years Eve parties, camping trips, and weekend dinners together through the years.

Since I have started university few years ago and now being married and living in a different city, I don’t get to see them as often, as they are also busy with their own lives. It’s rare that we text one another, but, when we get the chance to catch up,  it never feels as though any time has passed….we are able to easily pick up where we left off and it always feel comfortable.

I am so grateful to have these two as friends and I’m sure that we will be life-long friends, even if we only see one another every so often. They are truly wonderful people and I’m glad that I have had them in my life for all of this time.

I hope you enjoyed this catch-up gratitude post! What are some things that you are grateful for this week? I’d love for you to share your thoughts!



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