Every Day May Blogging Challenge: Days 1 and 2

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first two days of Every Day May! For some reason my blog post from yesterday never actually got uploaded, so I’m going to re-post it along with day two today. I am using random prompts that I find on Pinterest, so I am not following a set blogging plan. I’m just picking and choosing the prompts I want to use as we go through the challenge.

I hope you enjoy!

Day One: What is the first thing you see in the morning?

After the alarm goes off at 6 am, the first thing I tend to see when I open my eyes is my cat Trevor sitting either right beside my pillow or on my chest, waiting for me to wake up and feed him.

On the days where Trevor is awake and roaming around before Danny and I wake up, I usually see Danny sitting up and stretching, still half asleep. There are also occasions when I will wake up facing Danny as he continues to snore away.

I love waking up to my wonderful husband and my cute little cat in the mornings. Seeing them first thing in the morning always makes the day better.

What does your morning view look like?

Day Two: List three ways you practice self care

Self care is so important. Taking care of yourself is essential to maintaining a sense of balance in your life and ensuring that you stay focused, rested, and motivated. Here are three ways that I practice self-care

1.) Drinking a hot cup of tea

2.) Playing music or listening to music

3.) Meditating or doing yoga

What are some ways you practice self-care? I’d love to know!



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