Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone,

Happy day 4 of Blogmas!

Danny and I were discussing what we each wanted for Christmas this year and as usual (but all in good fun), he came up with a ridiculously long list of things he had always wished for but would never get. He gave everyone his real Christmas list back in September. I on the other hand always have a hard time thinking of what I’d like for Christmas.

As an adult, I am able to buy things for myself when I can and when I need to, so when it comes to giving people gift ideas, I am never prepared. I love giving gifts more than receiving them, but of course I still appreciate any gift I receive.

I know that Christmas is about celebrating our Lord Jesus and getting together with friends and family and not about gifts. However, I still thought I would write a small wish list for fun. I love reading other people’s wish list ideas so I thought I would write one this year too!

Here we go…

Books: I love receiving books as gifts. I love reading and have a small collection of books that I would like to continue to add to. The Harry Potter series in particular has been on my wish list for a while.

Perfume: I will admit I have a tiny obsession with collecting mini bottles of perfume or body spray, but nonetheless, I will always accept more. Gifting fragrance is an easy go-to gift if you know what the person likes and they are super easy to find and are pretty affordable.

Socks: I am that person that never has matching socks on because I lose them constantly. I use the phrase “the dryer must have eaten them” on a weekly basis, so I will always appreciate socks as a gift.

Baked Goods: I will never say no to Christmas cookies. Or any food really, haha. My family does a cookie exchange every year and I honestly think that giving baked goods as  a gift (especially when you use cute packaging) is great. I haven’t come across anyone who didn’t enjoy receiving a tin full of treats and a thoughtful card.

Tea or Coffee: CAFFEINE. Need I say more? My fellow coffee/tea addicts will totally understand why this is on my list.

Cozy Slippers: The slippers I currently have are still my favourite, however, they are not nearly as soft as they once were. I have had them for about five years now and I still love wearing them, but I wouldn’t mind a new, super soft pair to switch it up a little.


What is on your Christmas wish list this year? I’d love to know!





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