Blogmas Days 8-11

Hello everyone!

Today is day 11 of Blogmas, but I was a bad blogger over the weekend and hadn’t posted for a few days so today’s Blogmas post will be days 8-12 to catch up.

Day 8: Share a Christmas Memory

I was in my first year of university and my roommates and I were planning a little Christmas gift exchange before we all left for the break. We decorated our apartment for Christmas and drew a tree on a cardboard box to put by our TV and have our gifts “sit under” for a (somewhat) authentic Christmas feel.

We had snacks, listened to music, and then we opened our gifts. It was a blast! We all grew closer as friends that night and it is now one of my favourite Christmas memories.

Day 9: I’m Feeling’ 22 (A Day in the Life)

Saturday (December 9th) was my 22nd birthday, so I thought I would recap what I did that day for a day-in-the-life post.

That morning, Danny and I woke up early, had a quick breakfast and headed out to get laundry done. When we were finished with the laundry, we stopped to get coffee on our way home. We cleaned the house for a couple of hours since a friend of mine was coming over for lunch. She arrived at 12:30 and we had lunch and chatted for a few hours. She brought lunch to us which was so sweet (and delicious). After she left, Danny and I went over to his mom’s house to decorate her Christmas tree.

We decided to go to church that evening before dinner and when we got back, we had a wonderful meal. After dinner, Danny’s mom brought out gifts and cake which was so sweet. Danny brought in a beautiful bouquet of lilies for me as well which I loved.

After we were finished eating cake and cleaning up, Danny and I headed back to our apartment to get ready to go out. We went to a local bar for a couple of drinks which quickly became crowded so we decided to head home and spent the rest of the night playing card games and talking together.

It was a busy but wonderful birthday and I am so grateful for everyone who helped to make it such a special day!

Day 10: Favourite Christmas Stories

I think this will be fairly obvious, but one of my favourite Christmas stories has always been Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. My dad read this story to me every year since I can remember. He would always narrate the story with a slight accent (just like the animated film) and change voices for each character. He made the story come to life for me and we still talk about it today. It is one of his favourite Christmas memories with my sister and I growing up.

The story itself has a wonderful meaning behind the silliness and the entertainment. It teaches us that Christmas isn’t meant to be based on commercialism, which has become so prevalent. It reminds us to focus on what Christmas is truly about…LOVE.

There are many reasons why this classic story is my favourite, and no doubt, the favourite of so many others.

Day 11: Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Usually, my go-to for Danny’s stocking is a bunch of candy and a small bottle of his favourite cologne. I’ve done this for the last three Christmases, so this year, I wanted to come up with a few different ideas to change it up a little.

I found so many ideas for men’s stocking stuffers on Pinterest and on other blogs, so I decided that I would share five of my favourite ideas with you all here! Bonus: all of these items are under $20 so you won’t have to go over budget!

1.) Multi Tool: Danny has asked for one this year, so I found him a wallet-sized multi tool from Chapters. It is 11 tools in 1 and fits perfectly in any of the slots in a wallet, which is great.

11-in-1 Wallet Multi Tool, $10 from Chapters

2.) Hand Cream: No one likes having dry skin (I know Danny’s skin gets really dry during the winter months)  so hand cream is always a good stocking stuffer idea. I personally love using the Glysomed regular hand cream. It makes my skin super soft without feeling greasy. This is a great option for men and women and it’s only $6 at Walmart!

Glysomed 150 mL container, $5.96 at Walmart

3.) Hot Sauce: If your guy loves spice, this is a great (and inexpensive) stocking stuffer! I found a small bottle of gourmet ghost pepper sauce at Winners for $8 for Danny. They had quite a few different types of hot sauce and they were are decently priced.

4.) Boxers or Socks: Everyone appreciates the essentials right? A pair of cozy socks or a few pairs of soft boxers are always great option for your guy. You can usually get them in packs of 3 or more pairs (both socks and boxer briefs) for a reasonable price!

5.) Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate: Warm drinks are essential in the winter, so why not include them in your man’s stocking? Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate lovers alike will appreciate finding these in their stockings! I got Danny a bag of his favourite blend of coffee from a local coffee shop for $12  (and it’s fair trade coffee which is amazing)!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and that you have been enjoying Blogmas so far!

Thanks for reading,


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