Blogmas Days 14-18

Hello everyone!

The past few days have been super busy with work and we had been having problems with our internet service, but it’s finally working properly so here we are!

Day 14: O’ Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas tree up before the first of December this year, which we swore we wouldn’t do but we were way too excited. Christmas is our favourite time of year and every year we can barely make it to the first week of December to put the tree up (this year we didn’t make it). Last year, we borrowed my mother’s old tree which turned out really well. This year, Danny wanted a bigger tree so we decided to buy our first one together. We made a whole night of decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the apartment for the holidays. We have a tradition of ordering pizza, watching Christmas movies, and decorating every year.

Here is what our tree looks like this year:

Day 15: Christmas/Winter Bucket List

I know this is a little late to post since Christmas is just over a week away, but I thought I should post it anyway, just to see what I have left to do before Christmas is here and to get really into the spirit of the holidays before the day arrives!

1.) Go ice skating

2.) Build a snowman

3.) Go shopping for gifts

4.) Go sledding with my husband

5.) Bake Christmas cookies

6.) Donate to Toys for Tots

7.) Take pretty winter pictures by the river 

8.) Build a gingerbread house

9.) Celebrate the New Year with our friends

10.) Watch all of my favourite Christmas films (there are 5 more to go)

Day 16: Favourite Winter Activity

My favourite winter activity is to talk a walk in the snow, especially at night. Everything is so quiet and peaceful. I love taking walks at any time, but it just seems so magical in the winter months. It’s great at this time of year especially when you get to see all of the Christmas lights as you walk around the neighbourhood.

My parents would always take my sister and I for nighttime winter walks and we would always walk around the parts of the neighbourhood with the most Christmas decorations and lights. We loved it then, and I still love doing this now.

Day 17: Favourite Christmas Cookie Recipe

I love baking in general, but I have to say that making Christmas cookies is my favourite. I have made many different types of Christmas cookies over the years, so choosing one recipe is a bit difficult, but I think I can narrow it down.

I believe I shared this recipe for last year’s Blogmas, but it has quickly become a favourite among my friends and family members so I thought I would share it again. I got the recipe from Ali’s blog “Gimme Some Oven” . Click the link to check it out if you want to make these delicious, soft, chocolatey cookies.


Day 18: Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Who doesn’t enjoy a cocktail (or two, haha) during the holidays? I came across a few different recipes that peaked my interest when I was scrolling on Pinterest and I thought I’d share them with you!

 1.) “Christmas Day Punch” from Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary

My mom loves making punch for gatherings…it’s easy to make and it ensures that everyone’s drinks are topped up and refreshing. I found a recipe for Christmas punch from Nicky’s blog Kitchen Sanctuary which looks simple and delicious. I know my mom would love this recipe!

2.) Holiday Berry Sangria from Marie Claire Magazine

I enjoy sangria for special occasions and this holiday sangria recipe from Marie Clare sounds so yummy. I might make this for our Christmas Eve get together with Danny’s family!

Image from Marie Claire

3.) Gingerbread Apple Cocktail from Marie Claire Magazine

This recipe (while still pretty simple) is slightly more complex than the others, but sounds equally delicious to sip on at your Christmas day gathering after dinner.

Image from Marie Claire


I hope you enjoyed today’s Blogmas post!

Christmas is one week from today, how crazy is that?

Thanks for reading,


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