Blogmas Days 8-11

Hello everyone! Today is day 11 of Blogmas, but I was a bad blogger over the weekend and hadn't posted for a few days so today's Blogmas post will be days 8-12 to catch up. Day 8: Share a Christmas Memory I was in my first year of university and my roommates and I were [...]

Blogmas Days 6 and 7: Favourite winter dinner and appreciation for the winter season

Hello all! I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday, I ended up being out later than I expected last night. Today will be a combined post of day 6 and 7. Day 6: Your favourite winter dinner I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I tend to eat more comfort foods in the winter. I [...]

Blogmas Day 5: Winter Essentials

Winter has definitely made its presence...the temperature is steadily dropping, the days are shorter, and soon enough there will be snow! I love the winter season. I love seeing the snow fall, getting cozy under blankets with a hot beverage, and of course in December, all of the Christmas festivities. For today's Blogmas post, I [...]

Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone, Happy day 4 of Blogmas! Danny and I were discussing what we each wanted for Christmas this year and as usual (but all in good fun), he came up with a ridiculously long list of things he had always wished for but would never get. He gave everyone his real Christmas list back [...]

Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Who doesn't like saving money during the holiday season (or anytime of the year)? I know I do! As we all know, the Christmas season can certainly get expensive. There are so many ways to give amazing gifts without going over your budget. Today, I'm going to share five simple and budget friendly gift ideas that [...]

Blogmas Day 2: Favourite Christmas Films

Last night my husband and I were cuddled up on the couch watching a Christmas movie and we decided to have a Christmas movie marathon (fun fact: we fell asleep half-way through the second film so there really was no marathon). We sat and pulled out all of our Christmas movies and picked out our favourite [...]

Blogmas 2017! Day 1: Winter/Christmas Playlist

Hello everyone, Happy first day of December! I can't believe that it's already December. I am so excited for the holiday season that is upon us. I am looking forward to another wonderful Christmas season and another year to participate in Blogmas! Last year was my first attempt at Blogmas and I didn't even make [...]