Blogmas Days 12 and 13: A Christmas Tradition and Wrapping Paper vs. Gift Bags

Hello all! Oops, I did it again..... Yet another catch-up post today but this one is only two days so that's an improvement, right? Day 12: A Christmas Tradition One of my favourite Christmas traditions is spending Christmas Eve day with my dad's side of the family and after dinner, we all gather in the [...]

Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone, Happy day 4 of Blogmas! Danny and I were discussing what we each wanted for Christmas this year and as usual (but all in good fun), he came up with a ridiculously long list of things he had always wished for but would never get. He gave everyone his real Christmas list back [...]

Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Who doesn't like saving money during the holiday season (or anytime of the year)? I know I do! As we all know, the Christmas season can certainly get expensive. There are so many ways to give amazing gifts without going over your budget. Today, I'm going to share five simple and budget friendly gift ideas that [...]

Blogmas Days 14-18: Things I love about Christmas, holiday essentials, the best Christmas gift I ever received, my favourite Christmas movies, and my favourite cookie recipe!

Hello everyone! Whew, we have a lot to cover in today's post, as I've missed quite a few days! I have to admit that I completely forgot about posting over the past few was quite a busy week this past week and I only came to that realization this morning when I went to check [...]

Blogmas Day 13: How are you counting down for Christmas?

Growing up, my parents always bought my sister and I advent calendars that would help us count down the days until Christmas (who doesn't love getting to eat yummy chocolate every morning?) and my mom would cross off the days as they went by on the calendar. When our parents would put us to bed, [...]

Blogmas Day 12: What gift did you want as a kid that you never recieved?

This has been a bit difficult for me to answer because from what I can recall, I received most of the things that I asked for at Christmas as a child (I know that sounds totally spoiled of me but that isn't my intention, I promise). I was always pretty happy and grateful for what [...]

Blogmas Days 9 & 10: Top 10 moments of the past week and funny Christmas memories

Hello all! I know, I know....I missed another day of Blogmas. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon doing things around the apartment before heading to work for the night. I had a very productive and fun day but I totally forgot to write a post for [...]