Blogmas Days 14-18

Hello everyone! The past few days have been super busy with work and we had been having problems with our internet service, but it's finally working properly so here we are! Day 14: O' Christmas Tree We put our Christmas tree up before the first of December this year, which we swore we wouldn't do [...]

Blogmas Days 8-11

Hello everyone! Today is day 11 of Blogmas, but I was a bad blogger over the weekend and hadn't posted for a few days so today's Blogmas post will be days 8-12 to catch up. Day 8: Share a Christmas Memory I was in my first year of university and my roommates and I were [...]

Blogmas Day 2: Favourite Christmas Films

Last night my husband and I were cuddled up on the couch watching a Christmas movie and we decided to haveĀ a Christmas movie marathon (fun fact: we fell asleep half-way through the second film so there really was no marathon). We sat and pulled out all of our Christmas movies and picked out our favourite [...]