Blogmas Days 14-18

Hello everyone! The past few days have been super busy with work and we had been having problems with our internet service, but it's finally working properly so here we are! Day 14: O' Christmas Tree We put our Christmas tree up before the first of December this year, which we swore we wouldn't do [...]

Blogmas Day 13: How are you counting down for Christmas?

Growing up, my parents always bought my sister and I advent calendars that would help us count down the days until Christmas (who doesn't love getting to eat yummy chocolate every morning?) and my mom would cross off the days as they went by on the calendar. When our parents would put us to bed, [...]

Blogmas: Days 1 & 2

Hello everyone! I'm sorry that I missed the first day of Blogmas (What a way to start huh? Haha)! I was trying to upload the post for a while last night but the internet in our apartment was down so I had to wait to get to campus today to post! Just to note, I’ve [...]