Blogmas Day 19: Winter Skin Care Routine

As soon as the winter weather comes in, my skin gets really dry. I have combination skin (but it's a little on the oily side most days) and my dry patches are emphasized even more over the winter months. My skin is also really sensitive so, I find my skin needs just a little extra [...]

Top Ten Tuesday: Songs From My Current Playlist

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic day! For this week's top ten Tuesday/The 52 Lists Project prompt, I will be listing my top ten most played songs from my winter playlist. The journal prompt says to "list the soundtrack of your life right now", which happens to be my winter playlist. I made [...]

Blogmas Day 11: Favourite Winter Drinks

Colder weather calls for delicious warm drinks. After a cold winter day, a mug of your favourite hot beverage is sure to lift your spirits (I can definitely say that it lifts mine). I feel like this will be pretty obvious, but I love sipping on hot chocolate in the winter! Lately, I've been drinking [...]

Blogmas Day 5: How do you feel about the cold and snow?

Hello everyone! We got a little bit of snow last night here in Ontario and I was actually really excited about it! We had just finished a dinner get-together with one of my wonderful friends and her boyfriend and she had texted me to let me know that it was snowing after they had left. [...]